Hi, I'm Santiago!

I'm a Machine Learning Engineer with over two decades of building and scaling software. I teach Production Machine Learning and help companies in the AI space reach a larger audience.


425,000+ people read my content every day. Here is how you can reach them.

  • I will showcase your product or service in a dedicated post that I'll share simultaneously on my X (Twitter) and LinkedIn feeds. This post is a good example of the type of content I write. You can scroll down for more examples.
  • Alternatively, we can collaborate in a video sponsorship. This post will give you an idea of what the video and post will look like.
  • My audience doesn't want to read a sales pitch. They want to learn something new and that's how I'll present your product or service to them. If there's nothing for my readers, I won't take the work.

Book Your Sponsorship

Choose the option that works for you.

$1,700 USD

1 post showcasing your product or service.

What's included

6% off

$4,800 USD

3 posts showcasing your product or service.

What's included

Posts will be spread over time, with 2-3 weeks between them.

10% off

$7,700 USD

5 posts showcasing your product or service.

What's included

Posts will be spread over time, with 2-3 weeks between them.

If you want to run a larger campaign with multiple influencers, contact me at svpino@hey.com.

Comet ML

“Sponsoring Santiago's feed has been great for Comet. His audience's quality, combined with the sharpness of his posts, has brought a lot of attention to our services. If you are looking for the best return on investment, this is a great option.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your questions, reach out to me at svpino@hey.com.

Why should I sponsor with you?

My audience trusts me and looks forward to the content I bring them daily. I do not use cheap, engaging tactics or clickbait, and I don't write love letters. I'll showcase your product or service in a way that highlights its value for the people who can benefit from it.

I'm in the business of delivering potential customers, not clicks.

What's the process for creating the content?

Once you book your sponsorship, I'll ask you for any materials related to your product or service and a brief description of what you want to include in the post. If it's a product, I'll spend some time testing it.

I'll send you an initial draft or any specific ideas about the best way to highlight your product with my audience. We will iterate on that draft until it's ready for publication.

What's the timeline for publication?

Once we agree on direction, it usually takes less than two days to finalize a written post. If we are working on a video, it may take up to a week to have it ready.

When will you publish my post?

I usually publish between 8:00 am and 10:00 am EST any day of the week. We will agree on a specific date based on your requirements.

What should I expect in terms of traffic?

Depending on how relevant your product or service is to my audience, you should expect between 200,000 and 500,000 impressions and 500 - 2,000 clicks to any link included in the post.

Do you offer refunds for unused posts in a package?

Unfortunately, I don't offer refunds for unused sponsored posts. Sponsorship packages give you a discount, and I hold the dates and don't sell them to avoid overbookings.

Previous Sponsorships

Here are some examples of my work.

Some of my previous sponsors: Brilliant, 37signals, Cohere, Comet, Assembly AI, Replit, Deepnote, Packt, Akkio, Bright Data, Neural Magic, n8n, Superb AI, Pi School of AI, Akridata, Levatas, Astria AI, Cohesive AI, Leap, MyShell, HPC-AI Tech, Datagran, Monster API, Cerebrium, Render AI, Activeloop, Dora AI, Giskard, Dify, Data Refiner, Humyn AI, Pi.Exchange, Fireflies.ai, Deepgram, CodeRabbit, Togai, Text Cortex, Lumina AI, Taipy, Tomorrow, Spectral, Gladia, Nomo, CopilotKit, Numerous AI, ReviewNB, SuperDuperDB, Tolgee, Stack AI, Codium AI.


“Our sponsored post got a lot of traction! We tripled our followers, got a huge influx of traffic & leads to our website, and drove our average engagement rate up. Thanks!”